We choose what we see.  Our choice in looking is how we write ourselves, it is an authorship between blinks.  I see the defining experience of the individual as the act of standing in the world and looking at something.  I love images.  While my formal education is in photography, I am not an image maker.  I choose instead to represent myself as an image-marker.  Regardless of whether I use images, all the work I produce uses what is plainly visible to mark what may not be plainly present.  Metaphorically, I think of my work as created by crawling thru the front of the lens and out the back of the camera into the world.

My art practice explores the self through the lens of visual culture, in light of technological imaging advances.  The contemporaneous use of images is to write the self legibly thru chosen images, both personal and public.   This image-based self often serves a barrier to the intimate; images belie a visible self.  By combining artifacts, appropriated media, and writing, I permeates this barrier with the intent of intimating a more sophisticated ethic of viewership.  Rooted firmly in the personal, I want my artworks and my viewers to skeptically participate in their existence, fully aware of the benefits and harms that they do one another.  

I am an artist, educator, husband and father in the Midwest.  I have taught courses in art & photography at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Gallery 37, the University of Florida, and currently teach at the Herron School of Art & Design.  I like to speak and write about issues of representation, contemporary viewership, and anything visual.

I have exhibited at venues such as Zephyr Gallery in Louisville,  Heaven Gallery in Chicago, the Harn Museum of the Arts in Gainsville Florida, and the Walker's Point Center for the Arts in Milwaukee.  I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography, Video, and Electronic Media, as well as a Masters of Fine Arts in Photography, both from the University of Illinois at Chicago.